Example of Designer Outdoor Lighting exterior lighhtingAbout Designer Outdoor Lighting

Designer Outdoor Lighting offer a high quality and robust lighting system for home and commercial premises.

Our products deliver decorative lighting with low energy consumption using an automated on/off system which gives an additional benefit of added security to any premises. Our system is easy to install and operates from our lighting controller ensuring safe installation. All products use high quality components that conform to European standards for outdoor use.

We have a range of starter kits that include everything needed to get a lighting system installed. All starter kits include the main controller with different options on four exterior lights (lamps).

Using the latest LED lighting technology means once a system is installed, running costs are minimised.

Lighting System

Easy to install system.
All components are manufactured
for an easy DIY installation.

Connect a range
of different lights
to the same
controller for
complete flexibility.

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