Langland, Swansea

First part of project to light up front of house – side building and a tree with shrubs area. This gives a balance to the first step of lighting up a whole front of house garden and parking area.

1 x 3 watt spike + 3 x 1 watt up lights

Energy consumption - assuming lights are on from 6 pm until 12 pm each day (6 hours) / 365 days per year.

2 x 1watt plus 2 x 2watt system = £ 4.15 / year rather than £ 440 per year for conventional 240 volt system using halogen bulbs.

Customer Comments "Our whole area required a designed lighting plan. The company designed a scheme and we started with Starter Kit G which has delivered a beautiful balanced lighting scheme to the front of house.

Subtle and not overpowering soft warm white lighting.

We will also add other lamps to the system including more spike lights and Garden pole lights ( which the company says are pending)over the next two months. It was easy to install and the quality of the lamps are clearly professional architectural grade. As a result, we are very happy and will recommend this to anyone who appreciates their house and garden. What a difference this system has made already."