Mumbles Cricket Scorebox

We installed a complete lighting system for their scorebox using our 35W Controller and thirteen 1W exterior uplights. The purpose is a lighting feature visible from the clubhouse and giving sponsors greater exposure.

Fitting of 13 x 1 watt lights (Starter kit B + 9 additional 1 watt lamps).

Calculation of energy consumption – assuming lights are on from 6 pm until 12 pm each day (6 hours) / 365 days per year. Assumes household electricity cost of 17p per KW/ hour.

As a result, 13 x 1 watt system = £ 9.00 per year compared to £ 955 per year for conventional 240 volt system using 13 x 50 watt halogen bulbs.

Customer Comments "Designer Outdoor Lighting delivered a fantastic looking feature visible from our clubhouse with extremely low running costs whilst enhancing the security of our premises".