Private House Garden in Wales

We also provide domestic solutions as well as commercial.

Starter Kit E– 2 spike lights and 2 x 1 watt up lights + an extra spike light.

Energy consumption: total of 11 watts of LED - if switched on 6 hours per day from 6 until 12 each night for 365 days per year. Using 17 p per KW / hour the system cost just £ 7.61 per year in electricity to run rather than £587 / year for 5 x 50 watt 240 watt halogen lamps.

Customer Comments “This starter kit E and one extra spike light uses just 11 watt of energy, it took us just three hours to install the whole system including a new outside socket for the controller. It has transformed our garden at night, we intend to add more lamps in the next months. We never expected to see a professional, high quality, integrated outdoor lighting system for this price.”