Private Villa, Girona, Spain

Fitting of 7 x 1 watt lights (Starter kit B + 3 additional 1 watt lamps) + 3 x 3 watt spike lights.

Energy consumption - assuming lights are on from 6 pm until 12 pm each day (6 hours) / 365 days per year.

7 x 1watt plus 3 x 3watt system = £ 12.30 / year compared to £ 1,175 per year for conventional halogen bulbs.

Customer comments "This project transformed our villa into a night time piece of art. We now welcome guests to sit outside and enjoy. I installed the system by myself and avoided all the normal cost and disturbance of laying armoured cable with 210 volt systems. The security benefit is huge, when we live away the system comes on automatically with no worry about running costs. I plan to add additional lamps to fill up my controller capacity."