Controller 35Watt




Lighting System Controller 35W.

Capable of supporting upto 24 Watts of LED lamps purchased from our company.

Built from premium grade materials as well as consisting of an aesthetically pleasing design. Our controller can connect upto 4 output cables for directional placement around  project areas.

Controller 35W specifications

  • W179×D60×H172mm
  • Approx 1.0kg Net weight
  • Upto 4 different output cables are possible
  • Plug cord length: Approx. 500 mm
  • Fixing screw 3pcs attached
  • Cover fixing screw 1pc attached
  • Input 170-240Volt, output 12Volt
  • Part no. HEA-004G

Controlling your lighting system

At the centre of our system is the controller.

This comes supplied ready to plug into a standard UK electrical socket. If that no socket is available then a qualified electrician is required to provide an available power service and connect the controller.

The controller has a light sensor so it is important to place it outside and ideally not in a shaded area which does not enjoy normal daylight. It is also advised to make sure that the controller is placed where it can not be affected by other lights in the area (see example).

Approx gross weight: 1.2KG

Additional information

Weight1 kg


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