Starter Kit C – 4 x 2Watt Dual Up/Down Wall Light + Controller


2Watt Dual Up/Down Wall Light × 4

Controller 35Watt

Cable - 10 Metre 12Volt

Crimps - 20 Pack

Crimping Tool


What’s included in Starter Kit C?

Starter Kit C consists of 35W Controller plus 4 Dual spot up/down lights in one package, everything needed to get a lighting system installed.

Used for lighting walls or fences, placed in up/down lighting position or left/right position.

Dual spolight direction diagrams

4 x Dual Spot Lights

Compact LED Wall Dual Spot Light constructed from aluminium with grey/silver finish.

Low Volt 12V

  • LED1W×2
  • W55×D75×H79mm
  • Aluminum
  • Approx.0.3kg
  • Allen key attached
  • No over wiring
  • Color Temp Warm 3000K
  • Total Illuminance 105lm
  • Part no. HBA-D07S

Dual spot light icons

35W Controller

  • W179×D60×H172mm
  • Approx 1.0kg net weight
  • Up to 4 branch cable output is possible
  • Plug cord length: Approx. 500 mm
  • Fixing screw 3pcs attached
  • Cover fixing screw 1pc attached
  • Part no. HEA-010G-C

All Starter Kits Include


10 meters 0.75mm 2core PVC Flex black cable


Pack of 20

Crimping tool

Crimping Tool


Approx weight: 2.8KG
Starter Kit Part no. DOL-SKC