LAtest News

21 Nov

At Designer Outdoor Lighting, we have supplied lighting solutions for not only commercial scenarios but also domestic. We've recently designed a lighting system for Peter and his garden in Newton, Swansea.

Peter and his wife are proud of their garden. They have spent many years trying to find the perfect lighting solution to truly bring their outside relaxation space to life when the sun goes down. They have tried multiple styles and lighting features from some of the largest well-known providers but have never found something that gave them the wow factor they were looking for.

Peter stated, “I have bought multiple lights over the years, but none have been lasted but these lights really deliver on quality. I have 18 lights throughout my garden and with each light being one watt each, that means they use less electricity than one standard 20-watt bulb.”

The couple are really impressed with the quality of the product and love how they can time the lights to come on individually at different times of day. Installation was very simple with Designer Outdoor lighting providing advice on local, reliable electricians.